About us

What is imperialtara.com?

imperialtara.com is an exciting new way to buy Fashion Jewellery and Accessories Online. imperialtara.com is an online initiative of Imperial Tara.While the idea of buying jewellery online is not new, imperialtara .com provides a interface and  gives detailed description to help you search and order the perfect jewellery to match your needs for all occasions. imperialtara.com will delight you with its wide collection of South Indian Jewellery  and gratify you with its excellent customer service.

 About Us  

Curators of South Indian Jewellery 

Every women is a Royal Queen who deserves at most respect and love.Every women is The Best in her own way.There is no limit to what we, as women can accomplish.

To all our Beautiful women over there,We Imperial Tara strive more to make you look amazing in all your occasions 

The word Imperial Tara  denotes a Royal Queen .It  is born out of common passion of two sisters Jahnavi (M.B.A HR ) and Bhavya (Architect)  who love Jewellery and wanted to match every outfit with new pieces of jewellery.

 Doing what you love is the best feeling ever... correct ! We are on a Mission to  make every women more beautiful  and amazing with our unique pieces of Jewellery. This is what we actually mean and love to do. Sit back and relax, while we navigate to the latest trends of Jewellery and make a statement wherever you go.



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