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Want to get your hands on the best of real Kemp Choker Necklace but lost among the fraudulent choices which promise the best but get you substandard chokers? Well, don't worry anymore because, at Imperial Tara, we get you an array of amazing options for the Kemp jewellery quality and designs.

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    Now that the wedding season is on, it is time that we talk more about what the real kemp choker necklace is all about. It is the most authentic form of temple jewellery, and a necklace affixed to the centre of the neck gives a very royal look. The Kemp Choker is usually worn by the brides who want to look special yet do not want to wear the same necklaces that other brides often choose. You can also go forth with a real kemp peacock necklace choker that is equally beautiful yet different from other regular choices.

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    It often happens that there are too many websites claiming to provide you with authentic kemp choker necklace designs, but when you search, these are often not the right ones. Most of them will provide you with repetitive designs. However, at Imperial Tara, we have taken up the onus and consequently brought the most fashionable Kemp joker necklaces online. We have an amazing variety of necklaces, be it the Meenakari section or traditional ones. It is always our aim to make sure that the necklaces that we bring forth for you are authentic and they seem to be very different from one another to maintain the individuality of each bride.

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    If you have your wedding knocking at the door or any other event where you would want to dazzle with a pair of amazing Temple earrings and the right kind of choker, then this is the platform tailored for you. All of us know that Temple jewellery is a kind of jewellery derived from the southern part of India, and it was originally the design used for decking up the lords and deities. Even if you visit the southern temples, you will notice that there are intricate designs even on the temple walls, which are a perfect reflection of the temple jewellery that we are talking about.

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    We cannot deny that there is nothing that works better than a real kemp choker, and no matter how simple your outfit is, this particular edition will make you look royal. Along with the choker, you can also choose to pair it up with the easily available Kemp bangles online that would make you look different from others. We also tend to have customized looks that can be created with our jewellery.

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    If you are about to be a bride this season or even someone who wants to dazzle in a function with the best of Meenakari Jewellery from the range of authentic temple jewellery collection, then don't forget to get in touch with us at Imperial Tara.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    The choker necklace first appeared in the paintings of Anne Boleyn in her era. Then, during the French revolution, it was worn to pay tribute and homage to all those who were slaughtered at the guillotine. And it still continues to rage in the coming years.

    Kemp jewellery is an art form created with intricate designs of sculptures, carvings, temples and monuments of South India. Also, Kemp means "Red" colour in many Indian languages and is studded with rubies, diamonds etc. In contrast, ruby is popular traditional jewellery that ranges from pink-ish to blood-red gemstone.

    The symbolic meaning of the chokers necklace has undergone rapid changes throughout the course of history, from being a symbol of identifying prostitutes to the pieces of trendy jewellery that became the fashion icon in the season.

    The choker necklace originates from the far back as our earliest civilizations- Ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians, where it was adorned by the necks of Queens.

    Yes, the product delivered will match the image shown on the website. We strive to build excellent customer service and offer high-quality fashion jewelleries and accessories online.