Guttapusalu Choker

Gutta Pusalu or Guttapusalu choker is an amazing necklace that is known for its classic beauty. It is a traditional jewellery design that never fails to attract women. If you have been looking for handcrafted Gutta Pusalu choker necklaces, Imperial Tara is your one and only destination.

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    Guttapusalu jewellery stands tall across the test of time. Even today, the unique styled jewellery fascinates millions of women in the South Indian states of the Indian subcontinent.

    Wearing a stunning Guttapusalu choker makes every woman standout. Whether it is for bridal purpose or traditional occasion, Guttapusalu choker is a one-of-a-kind statement jewellery. Thus Imperial Tara brings to you a wide range of Guttapusalu jewelleries with the finest workmanship. Browse through our jewellery products to find mesmerising and intricate collections that are authentic and never get old.

    A Brief about Guttapusalu Jewellery

    The rich heritage of Guttapusalu has its roots in the fishing coast of Andhra Pradesh. The necklace’s design consists of strings and beads piled over each other as fringes, replicating the look of a shoal of a small fish. In the local language, Telegu, the term “Gutta” refers to a school of fish, and “Pusalu” refers to the beads. The gold artisans create chunks of these designs along a necklace chain.

    Check Out The Various Types of Stylish Guttapusalu Choker

    Guttapusalu is a trendy and staple design for festive wear. Here are some of the best Guttapusalu choker designs to enhance the festive look.

    Guttapusalu Lakshmi Chocker

    Guttapusalu Lakshmi choker comes with a superior quality product. It will surely add a dash of glamour to your festive outfits. The rubies studded on the yellow gold choker complement the wedding saree. The exquisite design of Goddess Lakshmi is sure to turn your head. The beautiful details of the rubies and pearls accentuate the uniqueness and beauty of the choker.

    Uncut Pearls Guttapusalu Choker

    If you are searching for a unique and comprehensive look, the uncut pearls Guttapusalu choker is an excellent choice. It comes with coral, emeralds and uncut pearls, adding a new dimension to the traditional Guttapusalu design. You can pair the choker with a lehenga or an embroidery saree for your reception or engagement.

    Buy Classic and Exquisite Guttapusalu Choker From Imperial Tara

    At Imperial Tara, we have brought some of the most exquisite choker collections for all types of festive wear. Here are some of our collections:

    Real Kemp Chocker

    The gold plated choker comes with a matching pair of pushback style earrings. The studded CZ and real kemp (green and red) stones in the choker and the earrings make it a unique chocker. The choker comes with an adjustable thread, making it a perfect fit when you wear it. You can style it with the traditional outfit, brightening your traditional and festive look.

    American Diamond Pendant Set

    If you are searchingsomething for gift or daily wear, the American diamond pendant set is the best choice. We designed it with premium quality brass with rhodium plating. It has a pair of matching studs. You can pair it with classy outfits.

    Shop Online For All Premium Quality Guttapusalu Choker for your Flawless Look

    Born out of the passions of Jahnvi and Bhavya, the two sisters who have fond of jewellery and love matching their outfits, Imperial Tara strives to adorn every woman and make her look amazing on all occasions.

    Why Imperial Tara For Guttapusalu Choker?

    Imperial Tara emerged as a prominent name and way for purchasing fashion jewellery and accessories online. We give our customers a detailed description of every piece of jewellery. Our approach has helped our customers search and order the perfect jewellery to match the requirements for every occasion. We are glad to delight our customers with our comprehensive collection of South Indian jewellery with excellent after sales service.

    If you are searching for traditional Kemp jewellery or guttapusalu choker online for your weddings and other occasions, please visit our website or our store today. We are always there to help you choose the best jewellery for your festive needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    The Guttapusalu choker originates from the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh. Pusala means 'beads' and Gutta means 'a shoal of small fish, and that's why the design of this choker is created with strings of beads piled over each other as fringes, which replicate the look of a shoal of a small fish.

    The Gutta Pusalu is a classic necklace design originating from the fishing regions of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is coined by this name because its design represents the fringe of small bunches of beads (Pusalu), very similar to a shoal of small fish (Gutta).

    Earlier, the chokers were symbols of political aggression to ornaments that were specifically used to identify prostitutes and then, these pieces of jewellery became the fashion staple in the season as well as many years to continue.

    Pair your choker with a long necklace. But when you layer up your necklaces, make sure your choker is a style statement fashion icon. Don't use statement necklaces with a choker use a thin or minimalistic style of necklaces.

    Choose the perfect Guttapusalu choker necklace based on your type of outfit, colours and patterns. So, if you are looking for trendy and unique designs, then Imperial Tara is a one-stop destination for you.