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Guttapusalu necklaces are an all-time favorite for Indian women. You can buy premium quality jewellery online by selecting our online store. Choose the convenience of shopping for your favorite neckpieces or bangles in kemp and get the best satisfaction.

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    Guttapusalu necklace is one of the classical designs of necklace from Andhra Pradesh. It serves as a piece of Heritage jewellery. The word pusalu means beads, whereas gutta means shoal of small fish. As the necklace is fringed with small pearls, it seems similar to the shoal of small fish. Hence the jewellery got its name from the design.

    The design originated from the area close to the ancient pearl fisheries along the Coromandel coast of India. Such intricate design would surely please the jewellery connoisseur in you. The necklaces are irresistible.

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    Buying jewellery can be an extremely personal experience. The jewellery is a subtle indicator of the style statement. You can express your feelings with such designs available in our online store.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Choker necklaces were first seen in 1798 during the French Revolution as a political homage to those who had died at the guillotine. And continue to stay on top of the trend. In the 1990s, chokers came back in fashion and were being sported by celebrities too. And It will continue to make a bold statement for many years to come.

    You can buy Guttapusalu choker necklaces at Imperial Tara online. We have a fabulous collection of various textures, patterns and colours to oomph your look. Plus, they are crafted from high-quality material and provide budget-friendly prices with amazing offers and much more.

    The choker necklaces originated thousands of years ago in the world's earliest civilizations, the Summer Empire in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

    The necklace is the recognizable term used to describe the jewellery that is worn around the neck. On the other hand, a choker is a type of necklace, which is a skin-tight version worn snugly around the neck.