5 Must-Know Facts Before Buying Wedding Jewellery!

 If you're planning to get married in India, temple jewellery will be one of the   most significant parts of your overall wedding look. Traditionally, temple     jewellery is crafted in precious stones and gold with motifs representing   Hindu  deities, goddesses, and animals. Among the most popular types of   temple jewellery is the lotus, swan, and crocodile motifs. 
 Temple jewellery comes in many shapes and sizes and can be worn in a     variety of ways. Its motifs represent rituals and culture. The intricate designs   are great for traditional Indian weddings, but you can also wear them in a   more modern setting for a fusion wedding. Besides, you can always mix and   match temple jewellery with other pieces of jewellery in your wedding theme.   But the key is to keep the style and motif simple and elegant so that the   jewellery will never overpower you.
 Whether you're looking for something traditional or unique, temple jewellery   will make your special day truly special. They are beautiful and traditional and   will be sure to complement your dress and your wedding theme. The basic   piece of temple jewellery is the gold earring, which features an idol of a god.   Pearl droplets decorate the bottom of the earring, making it perfect for a   traditional wedding day or an Indo-Western Mehndi outfit. And, if you want to   get creative, you can use old jewellery and reuse it for many other occasions.

5 Important Facts to Follow While Shopping for Wedding  Jewellery

 The first thing to do is to set a budget and stick to it. Decide on a maximum   budget and stick to it. Once you have set a budget, you should start   researching and selecting your pieces at least six months before your   wedding. This will allow you enough time to select your pieces, thereby   ensuring you get the best quality and the best price.
  • Shop according to your personality
When shopping for your bridal set, consider how your personality will fit the pieces. There is always a piece that will go with your attire. Due to busy schedules many brides are unable to devote time to shop for their wedding jewellery. At times, they have to settle for something they do not like. However, many online jewellery store like Imperial Tara offer video consultation with the brides so that they can match the brides expectations. An artificial temple jewellery set is a perfect fit for a beautiful traditional bride.
  • Decide on a budget, and don't go beyond that
Your budget should not be a huge obstacle when it comes to buying your wedding jewellery. There are ways to cut costs while still looking beautiful, including shopping around for the best deal. Avoid feeling pressured into buying expensive items and be open to borrowing them if necessary. There is nothing more important than your own happiness on your wedding day, and the jewellery should be a reflection of this.
  • Invest in pieces that can last a lifetime
    When buying wedding jewellery, invest in classic pieces. Investing in a timeless piece is a smart move that will pay off for years and can even be passed down through the generations. You may be able to restyle the piece and wear it again. It will also increase in value as time passes, so it will be an asset for years to come. Investing in a timeless piece of jewellery will ensure that it will remain in style and will last a lifetime.
    • Start researching and selecting at least six months
    When choosing your wedding jewellery, start weighing your options. Decide on the size, quality, and colour. If you're planning to wear temple jewellery, be sure to find out the best retailer for the same. You can do your research on the internet. There are a lot of options for temple jewellery set online.
    • Know what is trending
      It is important to research bridal jewellery trends. These days the jewellery trends keep on changing and are an elaborate affair. Modern brides prefer wearing diverse jewellery for different functions like haldi, sangeet, wedding and reception. Check online jewellery sites to keep tabs on whats in vogue!
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