Jewellery for beautiful brides of this wedding season

Temple Jewellery is a kind of ethnic jewellery which is designed in various forms of god and godess,which shows our heritage pride.


Temple Jewellery is said to have originated in the chola and pandya dynasties. In the early years this kind of jewellery was made out of precious metal donations made to temples in south india,and was ment to be reserved for adorning ing deities and royals.Temple dancers and devoties started to use replicas of such jewellery in their daily practices,with jewellers drawing inspiration from temple architecture.

       “Jewellery is pride,Temple Jewellery is heritage”

South Indian bride isn’t completely dressed until she adds a prized piece of Temple Jewellery to her look.

Every South Indian women, dream about their bridal look to flaunt in the most unique way by wearing the adorable pieces of heritage Temple jewellery.

We Imperial Tara curates most unique pieces of South Indian jewellery, which makes them stunning on their special day. We understand bridal needs of our Tara’s and keep them updated with all the latest trends and make you stay top on your style game.

The maang tikka apart from being an essential bridal ornament has deep routed significance.According to Indian culture the maang tikka gives the bride power, will and wisdom to handle her new journey in life.The maang tikka is also adorned on the bride to protect her from evil eye and any negative energy.

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