Valuable Tips to Take Care and Maintain Artificial Jewellery

If you own any artificial jewellery, you're probably wondering how to care for it. Since these pieces are not made of pure metals, you'll want to take extra care of them to ensure that they stay as beautiful as possible. Wearing your jewellery all day long can cause damage. Your skin produces oils that can build up on your jewellery. By taking extra care, your jewellery will last a lot longer.

There are a few ways to care for your artificial jewels, though. Here are a few tips to help you keep them looking good. 


1. Keep away from perfumes

    When it comes to perfumes, you should keep your jewellery away from it when you wear it, as they contain chemicals that can cause your jewellery to lose its brilliance. Perfumes and other cosmetic products contain a number of chemicals that can cause the colour to fade and the metal to corrode. 

    The fragrance in perfumes has essential oils that can damage an artificial temple jewellery set. All natural gemstones are susceptible to these chemicals. They can oxidise and dilute, endering them a dull yellow colour. They can also discolour the mountings of your jewels. 


    2. No hairspray or serums

    It's common to forget to take off your Lakshmi long haram before using products such as hairspray or skin serum. The residue left behind from these products can cause jewellery colour to fade or rust. Hairspray and serum will also damage the finish of your jewellery, preventing them from shining and staying looking their best. After you've finished wearing your earrings, clean them thoroughly before putting them back into their boxes. This simple procedure will help keep your jewellery looking its best for longer.


      3. Separate bags

      Securing your artificial jewels is not that difficult. You can use ziplock plastic cover to store them in. Use a silica packet or charcoal packet to absorb moisture and keep your jewels dry. Avoid placing your jewels in plastic bags for long periods of time because the moisture can oxidise them. You must not store all your jewels together in one box, try to keep them in separate.


      4. Avoid sweat and water

      One of the most important tips for caring for your artificial jewels is to keep them away from water. Water can cause your jewellery to rust, and if you're not careful, your jewels may end up in the water. Always remove your jewellery before going swimming or doing any other water-related activity. However, even if the water is safe to touch, you should take it off before you enter the water. As you wear them, sweat and rising heat can cause bacteria to build up, which can discolour them. Over time, your artificial jewellery will fade. 


      5. Use a soft cloth to clean small edges

      A soft cloth can effectively remove stains and can be worked into intricate designs. Make sure you use a soft brush to reach small areas, like around tiny studs and edges. After every use you must clean your jewellery with a clean and soft cotton cloth and store them in a dry place in an airtight container.


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